Yoga and Back Pain- How Are They Connected?

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Yoga and Back Pain- How Are They Connected?

July 10, 2020


Yoga is one of the best ways to alleviate low back pain. The practice helps extend and strengthen back and back muscles, including the spinal muscles that will assist you in bending the back, the multifidus muscles which will stabilize your back and spine, and the cross-abdominal abdominal muscles that help stabilize your spine. It is high time you should consult a back specialist for back pain or do relieving exercises or yoga.

If you have back pain, you should start yoga

Speak first to your doctor to know whether it is all right to start a yoga program if you have low back pain. If you have some back issues like a spinal fracture or a herniated (slipped-in) disc, stay away from yoga.

Once you have the green light, your back can be protected with specific methods and restrictions by consulting your yoga instructor in advance. He or she can give you protective changes in certain positions or help you get the position right without stressing your back. You can make certain changes. Another option is to search Yoga Studios or community centers which offer classes designed specifically to relieve back pain.

Remember that stretching and prolonged yoga movements often make your low back more comfortable, so be not afraid to try it. People can safely improve their strength and mobility by practicing yoga carefully while stretching.

Yoga for Back Pain Relieving

  • If regularly practiced, yoga increases back flexibility and strengthens the abdominal muscles that support the spinal tract.

  • Yoga poses help to stretch your muscles over time for up to one minute.

  • The muscles in the lower back are properly stretched, reducing stress across the entire region.

  • Yoga enhances posture. Good posture is essential to keep a strong, healthy, flexible spine. Sitting and standing yoga is important for improving posture and spine alignment. Proper posture eliminates a certain amount of spinal pressure and reduces back pain.

Digital composite of highlighted spine of woman with back pain at home

Beginners’ Yoga

Let us start with a couple of easy-to-do and great poses to keep your back flexible. Test these poses every day for more flexibility, and thank you for your spine!

Chest Knees Pose

  • Lying with extended arms and legs on your back.

  • Bring the two knees to the chest as you exhale. Grab your hands around your legs

  • The back is flat on the floor

  • If you like it, gently rock back and forth, giving you a small massage

Position of Cat

  • Start at the tabletop position on all hands and legs

  • Underneath your hips, place your hands and knees

  • Arch round like a cat and exhale

  • Bring the chin to the chest

  • Drop the abdomen and keep your head up and extend your sitting bones and inhale.

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**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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