Why You May Feel Shoulder Pain?

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Why You May Feel Shoulder Pain?

October 12, 2020


Shoulder pain is common for many people due to an accident or an injury. But it can even develop due to poor posture. Visit your pain management doctor if you are encountering immense pain in the shoulder and the surrounding area.

The shoulder is actually an accumulation of joints where multiple joints come together to connect the tendons and the muscles. This structure allows moving the arms in a wide range, including reaching your back, collecting something from the top shelf, or throwing a ball. With all these activities, instability and impingement on the bony structures are also very common.

Shoulder anatomy

There are three bones in the shoulder area – the humerus, or the upper arm bone; the scapula, or the shoulder blade and the clavicle, or the collarbone. The shoulder blade has a curved socket to fit the head of the humerus. The muscles and the tendons act as a rotator cuff and cover the top part of the upper arm bone and attach it to the shoulder blade.

Causes of Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is common for seven people among ten at some point in their lives. Sometimes compression in the joint is normal and good, but the forces can cause too much contact while making any shoulder movement, especially in the impinged shoulder. The common causes are –

  • Repetitive movement

  • Shoulder compression from a fall or an injury

  • Weakness

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Poor posture

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Shoulder Strength Source

We think of the rotating cuff while considering shoulder strength because the task of the smaller muscles is to ensure that the joint is stable during motion. In order to function effectively, the larger shoulder and back muscles must sustain these smaller muscles.

The back and shoulder muscles affect the shoulder blades, spine, and neck position. All too often, because they sit longer and have recurrent and extended use of telephones and computers, they are weaker than the muscles in the front of our body. This change in shoulder balance and the resulting posture effect stops the rotator cuff from functioning correctly.

Posture and Movement of Shoulder

Why is posture important with pain in the shoulder? It might not be when you rest. Sadly, posture changes can change our way of moving and using our bodies as well. We can influence our position:

  • Shoulder blade positioning

  • How effective are the shoulder muscles

  • The working of the muscles

  • Available space at the movement shoulder

  • Arms position when raised

Posture Improvement

Basic shoulder changes include rolling shoulders up and back, allowing them to relax, and tucking up the chin slightly. Sometimes it can help you to stand against a wall and to get in touch with your hips, the top of your back, and your head. Keep the shoulder pins down and back lightly together to “pinch” the shoulders.

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**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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