What Could Be Your Low Back Pain Management Options?

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What Could Be Your Low Back Pain Management Options?

August 17, 2020


Arthritis of the spinal joints is one source of back pain. A number of vertebras are lined above each other in the spine. At the knees, the vertebras link together, called facet knees. These joints provide support while allowing a certain amount of movement. Wear and tear or inflammation can render you painful and stiff. This disease is called facet arthritis in the spinal cord or simply arthritis. You need to talk to a back specialist without delay.

Noticeable Symptoms

Facet joint arthritis pain typically presents a dull ache and heaviness, along with weakness in the back. Some people have trouble raising their backs, particularly in the morning or after a rest time. Some feel the pain and believe there is no remedy, but does it embrace it as a part of aging? As there might be relaxation, the quality of life changes. After all, the quality of life is all. Quality of life may mean that someone can play a few rounds of golf, and it can be a work experience for someone else without upsetting himself with pain. Your goals are and are relevant.

Studies, including X-rays and MRIs, are often needed to determine the pain source. It may indicate improvements in combination or not. While wear and tear / arthritis are demonstrated in these studies, not each arthritis joint is painful, and therefore studies alone are not required. A professional pain specialist needed to bring together all the results in order to identify the cause of the pain (history, research, investigations).


It is a common concern to all – what can be done to mitigate the likelihood of this issue developing? Prevention means that a balanced lifestyle is paired with daily workouts to strengthen core muscles. Safe habits include balanced eating, safe weight management, good posture, intelligent lifting with new technologies, and not smoking.

Treating Options

It has been known for a long time that operations or medications do not cure all pain issues. It is difficult to recognize and handle pain because we all perceive pain differently. Pain management professionals concentrate on holistic care, using a mix of educational, medical, physiotherapy, ergonomics and posture therapies, psychological and behavioral interventions as well as alternative methods, such as injections.

Sure, effective, non-surgical procedures that are carried out regularly under local anesthesia are administered for this question of pain. The choices are available:

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Injections in Facet Joints

Injections of facet joints can assist in finding the pain source and can provide typically good relief. The treatment consists of inserting needles in the body under X-ray guidance at an appropriate position and then injecting pharmaceutical drugs to relieve pain.

Treatment of Radiofrequency

For back pain that originates from spinal joints, this may provide long-term pain relief. Special needles are positioned under radiation guidance near the nerves that bear the pain sensation from the affected facet joints by your back specialist. A small area of these nerves is heated by specialized equipment with radio waves produced by electrical currents. The pain signals are sent to the brain by the nerves, which relieve the pain.

The treatment has many benefits, including no hospital stay or lengthy recovery periods. Shortly after the operation, one will return to normal life. The reduction of pain will lead to the development and reduction of medical needs and ensure lasting pain relief.

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**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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