Ways to Treat Andropause in Men

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Ways to Treat Andropause in Men

April 5, 2021


Nearly 8 out of 10 people know about menopause. However, do you know that men also go through a similar development? It is known as andropause. It has distinct differences from menopause. However, they have more similarities regarding the symptoms.

Gradually, hormonal alterations have huge impacts. Consequently, testosterone diminishes with age, which results in andropause in some men. Andropause is referred as male menopause. In this situation, testosterone levels drop to suboptimal levels. As a result, it will have a significant effect on your life. In some cases, it can damage long-term health.

However, hormone therapy options are available for andropause. It will help to restore testosterone levels, followed by alleviating symptoms.

Andropause- the real scenario

Testosterone reaches its peak level in the early 20. After that, the production level started declining. There is no rule that men will lose 1% of testosterone after the age of 40. A recent study claims it will not be a problem, although. Sometimes, testosterone level falls for health function. This is known as andropause, and it impacts 40% of males.

Here are the symptoms-

⮚ Energy lacking

⮚ Maintaining muscle growth

⮚ Lower libido

⮚ Irritability

⮚ Fatigue

Diagnosis of Andropause

If you are suffering from these symptoms after the age of 35, you may be going through andropause. However, you can diagnose the problem with the aid of the following procedures:

⮚ Conversation with a doctor about your medical history

⮚ Physical exam

⮚ Testing blood to test the hormones

⮚ Diagnostic imaging

Andropause method treatment

An imbalanced hormone situation causes Andropause. It can be treated by infusing necessary hormones into the body. This is known as hormone replacement therapy. It can be administered in such a way as by consuming hormone pills or by using creams and suppositories. Although, the preferred method is the HRT pellet replacement technique.

It is advised to live a healthy lifestyle to maximize the results. It includes a proper diet and exercise plan to increase the body’s natural health and function. Besides, it will help to decrease some symptoms like fatigue and depression.

Schedule your hormone therapy today

At Oklahoma Pain Doc, our experienced staff will perform hormone therapy. Rest assured, your hormonal issue will lessen over time. Contact us to discuss the treatment plan for andropause.

**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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