Walking – The Best of All Exercises

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Walking – The Best of All Exercises

May 24, 2019


Walking is an excellent way to improve your overall health or preserve it. Within 30 minutes of walk, cardiovascular health can improve, bones can increase strength, excess fat can be decreased, and muscle strength and resilience can be increased. It can also reduce your risk that you will develop conditions like heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes Type 2, and cancer. In contrast to certain other exercises, walking is free, and no special equipment or training is required.

For fun and fitness, walking around neighborhood streets is not just a walk by yourself. There are various clubs, venues, and strategies for walking to make your lifestyle fun and social.


The patients of our medical clinic in OKC have no need for complicated physical activity. Everyday walking can help you to live a healthier life. It is such a simple step. For instance, the regular walk can:

  • Maintain a healthy weight by reducing fat

  • Curb sugar cravings

  • Strengthen your bones and muscles

  • Prevent and manage various conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, joint, and muscular pain or stiffness

  • Improve balance and coordination

  • Improve mood by reducing anxiety and depression

Follow these techniques while walking

  1. Keep head up by looking forward.

  2. Relax your back, neck, and shoulders.

  3. Swing your arms freely bending your elbows slightly.

  4. Tighten your stomach keeping your back straight.

  5. Walk smoothly.

For your walking routine, you should get the right gear by wearing the right clothes, shoes, pedometer and choosing pleasant weather. It is better to avoid the paths with cracked sideways, low-hanging branches, potholes, and uneven path. Don’t forget to warm up by walking slowly for five minutes before and after the normal course. After the course, stretch your muscles to avoid cramps.

Many people, for different physical conditions walking regularly is imperative. They should have a scheduled time to walk. If you want to get your fitness consultation, you can ask the professionals at the medical clinic in OKC, near your home.

At Longevity Institute, we have people with such queries. We diagnose their problems and recommend them the time they should involve in walking. Ask our medical clinic professionals in OKC and get great benefits of walking.

**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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