Should You Contact a Specialist to Reduce Joint Pains?

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Should You Contact a Specialist to Reduce Joint Pains?

September 17, 2021

When you experience inflammation in the joints, it can be a sign of arthritis. Arthritis can affect more than one joint. According to research, there are more than 100 types of arthritis. Remember that it is not a diagnosis and is used as a general term to cover various diseases and their conditions. When you experience various symptoms of arthritis, you should visit a pain clinic to know the type of the problem.


Symptoms of Arthritis

  • May notice stiffness.

  • Experience joint pain.

  • You may notice redness around the joint.

  • You may experience loss of appetite and tiredness.

When Should You See a Specialist?

  1. If you face difficulty while doing daily work, you must go to a pain clinic for arthritis.

  2. When you experience stiffness, pain, and joint tenderness.

  3. If the symptoms remain for more than three days.

  4. Experience various symptoms more than once a month.

Which Type of Specialist Should You Consult with?

Initially, you can contact a primary care practitioner to check the symptoms. But if the symptoms are severe, then rheumatologists are the best option as he or she is an experts in arthritis, which involves joints, bones, and muscles. They are able to do difficult diagnoses and treat all types of arthritis.

Treatment Options

While diagnosing in the pain clinic, the health care provider educates you about the medicines you have to take and how you can manage arthritis on a regular basis. But if taking medicines is not the solution, then, in that case, the specialist may recommend doing surgery. The expert does the surgery to replace your joint with an artificial one.

Physical Therapy

The experts also recommend doing physical therapy on a daily basis because the exercises strengthen the muscles around the affected joint. As a result, you can get some relief and continue your daily work easier. You can try the at-home exercise to reduce the symptoms.

  • You have to do hamstring stretches; leg raises if you have knee arthritis.

  • Do neck rotation and head tilt reduce pain in the neck?

  • You can do exercises such as thumb bends and finger bends to relieve pain in the hands.

Visit Pain Clinic for Arthritis

If you have been suffering from inflammation and stiffness in your joints for several months, then you should contact a specialist to diagnose the problem. You can visit Oklahoma Pain Doc to reduce pain.

**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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