Importance of Hormone Therapy to Reduce Chronic Pain

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Importance of Hormone Therapy to Reduce Chronic Pain

May 27, 2021

According to research, applying hormone therapy to your body can be useful in treating chronic pain. Endocrine glands of our body chemically produce hormones, and they send signals to the other body part to maintain functionality. For instance, hormones can also control metabolism, which is very important to your body.

Hormone Therapy to Treat Osteoarthritis


According to research “Arthritis and Rheumatism” in 2010, sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone help reduce pain at some level in people with late-stage osteoarthritis. The chondrogenic progenitor cells in the tissues are affected due to osteoarthritis, and the sex hormones can help the cells to reproduce by themselves.

Remember that sex hormones are not only for sex drive but also play an important role in cell growth and maintaining the bones and muscles. The researcher took and examined tissue samples from 372 total knee replacement patients and found both estrogen and testosterone receptors in their tissue. When they injected testosterone or estrogen into the cell, the tissue increased certain elements of the CPCs. but the whole process was sex-dependent.

However, remember that estrogen influenced the tissues most, collected from women, and testosterone influenced the tissues most, collected from men. The research has shown that applying hormone therapy in joint fluid may help mitigate this.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Chronic Pain

Do you know that not only men but everybody, including women have testosterone? It is a myth that only men have testosterone hormones. Testosterone can easily control pain as it has a direct connection to the natural opioid activity of our body. Our body can produce natural opioids, including endorphins, which help to reduce pain. Testosterone influences the opioid receptors so that the receptors can work smoothly. If you have low testosterone levels in your body, then you may experience more pain than others.

However, if the doctor examines and finds that you have a low testosterone level, he or she can recommend hormone therapy like testosterone replacement.

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