How to Treat Lower Back Pain Immediately

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How to Treat Lower Back Pain Immediately

June 25, 2019


A little back pain is commonplace. Sooner or later, almost everyone will suffer. Low back strain is one of the principal causes of back pain, acute or chronic.

So, what causes the strain behind the low back? Your spinal column has a number of muscles and ligaments in the back. You can stretch these muscles too far and cause small tears in the tissue. The muscles are then weakened so that they cannot hold the backbone correctly in place. The back is less stable and causes low back pain and should be treated by a back pain doctor in OKC.

Low Back Pain Caused by –

  • Extreme physical effort

  • Falling

  • Repeated bending

  • Lifting heavy object

How Does Low Back Pain Feel?

Symptoms of lower back pain –

  • Stiff back and pain

  • Painful buttocks and legs and in the backside of the thigh.

  • A pain that turns severe while bending, stretching, sneezing, or coughing.


Ice Pack

Applying ice to your lower back is another way to maintain swelling and inflammation. Ice can also reduce damage to the tissue and reduce your soreness. If the ice pack is not available immediately, you may:

  • Take a small plastic bag and add ice (including water so that the bumps are smoothed out).

  • Capture a bag of frozen vegetables from the freezer.

  • In the freezer, keep a wet sponge. Put it in a small plastic bag after it is frozen.

  • Place a sock filled with rice and place it in a freeze.

  • Wrap it in a towel to protect your skin against ice burning, whatever you use.

  • Cold therapy for at least 20 minutes and rest between the applications for at least 2 hours at a time.

Lie on Your Back

Sometimes it can be difficult to sleep with a back-muscle strain. Find a solid surface, such as a floor, recliner, or mattress, and lie down on your back to reduce the spinal stress.

Use pillows to lie down if you are on a mattress or floor. Just place a pillow under your knees and two or three pillows behind the upper back. Unlike lying on your stomach, this position may be most comfortable when handling a lower back strain.

Apply Heat

Apply heat on your back after applying ice for two to three days. Only after the swelling has started down use heat on your back. You might use a hot water bottle or an electrical heating pad. Or, in a warm bath, you can soak.


If your back-pain doctor in OKC recommends taking painkillers or other medications. Non-steroids (NSAIDs), like Advil, Aleve, or Motrin, are used to treat lower pain and swelling in the back. These medicines can, however, have side effects. They should only be used occasionally, except as expressly stated by your doctor. Prescription painkillers and relaxants for muscles are seldom needed.

Once you are done trying these methods still pain is still not healed, call our back pain doctor from Oklahoma Pain Doc for better guidance for treating your pain.

**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.


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