How Does Exercise Ball Help in Back Pain?

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How Does Exercise Ball Help in Back Pain?

May 13, 2020


The exercise ball is an exercise that helps the body suffering from back pain to prevent further deterioration. This is quite effective program for back rehabilitation as it strengthens the core muscles besides developing new muscles. All in together helps in spine stabilization and is now suggested by most back pain specialists.

The exercise ball is also known as the Swiss ball or physioball. This elements exercise helps the body to get the strength and other advantages that it does usually get from floor exercises. The body starts responding gradually and automatically starts getting balanced instead of being unstable. With time the muscles that sit on the exercise ball become stronger. Gradually the person doing exercise ball practice gets strong abdominal and back muscles.

Exercise Ball Benefits for Low Back Pain

  • Better muscle strength

  • Improved flexibility and spine motion range

  • Better balance and improved coordination among the core group muscles help keep the spine stabilized and help in keeping the right posture

  • The spinal tendency to stay in a neutral position during exercise

  • Exercise ball practice helps the spine to stay in a controlled manner. Thus the discs stay nourished. The mobile vertebrae nourish the disc spines as it increases the blood flow around them.

Build up your core strength

Exercise ball plank:

  • Keep the forearm and the elbows atop the ball and place your feet on the ground.

  • The trunks and legs should be elevated and straight.

  • Hold this position and brace your abdomen and lower back tightly which will activate the core muscles.

  • Make sure the posture is in the correct position. There should be a straight line formed from the hips to the ankles.

Improve your spinal endurance

Exercise ball spinal rotation

Spinal rotation using an exercise ball helps to increase mobility and endurance.

  • Lie on the back, placing the calves and the feet atop the ball.

  • When you are using the core muscles and the legs to control the ball, try to rotate the ball side by side in a motion.

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