Bad Postures – Most Severe Reason for Back Pain

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Bad Postures – Most Severe Reason for Back Pain

September 5, 2019


After sitting with bad posture for a few hours, you may not experience any ill effects, but over time the pressure of a bad posture on your spine may lead to anatomical modifications in the back. In turn, this can cause back pain as blood vessels and nerves are hurt. Furthermore, stress from bad posture can lead to back pain, causing muscle, disk and joint issues. For such problems, contact your family doctors in OKC.

How Long to Sit?

The average person sits more than half the day. You do much more damage than you can do when you sit all day, drive to work and then watch television for the remainder of the night.

A recent study showed that regularly sitting more than 12.5 hours a day leave harmful effects on the body that it can shorten your life. This is more than a bit frightening since the typical office worker spends up to 15 hours a day sitting.

Natural Posture

Sitting is certainly a natural posture, and we have to do something to rest–not as many times. Think of it as food–needed, but dangerous if you do too much.

Too much sitting can also lead to bad circulation, swelling and osteoporosis. Often, we do not have the best posture either, because we tend to sludge, which adds additional stress to our back and neck and leads to aches and pain.

Maintaining Good Posture

Logically it follows that a healthy posture can prevent back pain if poor posture can lead to back pain. Here’s how to keep up well while walking, sitting and elevating.

Walking Straight

You can easily forget your position when you exercise, but when you are walking, you do not have less importance than when you are sitting. It is essential to look directly ahead and maintain your head right over your spine while walking. Also, stay upright (drop your shoulders) while you walk and ensure that you land on the heel and then roll forward softly to move your feet forward.

Sitting with Support

You sit for at least eight hours each day if you are like most of the individuals. It is essential that you sit with your right posture as you spend so much of your life. Many individuals create a popular posture error when they are sitting at the front of their chair and going to their computer screen.

Lifting Heavy Things

Improper lifting methods can damage your back’s muscles, joints and discs. There are three easy rules to lift light and heavy items in order to prevent back pain.

Contact your family doctors in OKC at Longevity for back pain.

**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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