How Acupuncture Can Help in Managing Pain

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How Acupuncture Can Help in Managing Pain

May 12, 2021

In the University of Kentucky Health following there is a proper course that will allow licensed acupuncture practitioner to provide treatment as pain physicians. The chances of complementary medicines like acupuncture were what really interested many physicians to choose this line. This is another way to help the injured with a greater function and better quality of life come back into the community.


For thousands of years, acupuncture has been used in China and other Asian countries. The term refers to a variety of techniques and procedures which stimulate anatomical spots of the body, although they are most often linked to hand-manipulated needles or electric stimulation.

According to the NIH, an estimated 3.1 million U.S. adults and 150,000 children had acupuncture taken during the previous year, up approximately 1 million people over the 2002 survey, was reported in the NIH 2007 National Health Interview Survey (NIH).

Acupuncture professionals in the United States must be licensed and the acupuncture needles are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the fulfilment of the requirements that only qualified professionals must sterile, non-toxic and labelled acupuncturists in their acupuncture work outside of their regular medical training course.

The acupuncture is used a lot, but the therapy that we have learned is only for the treatment of pain. If we put muscles in tight or spasmic tissue, it loosens them and makes people much easier and more comfortable when we insert needles into the muscles.

Numerous studies of how acupuncture works are precisely incomplete, but from the west’s perspective it is probably working to release chemicals which cause pain and stimulate blood flux and tissue repair at the site itself by stimulating the central nervous system.

Electrical stimulation may also take place through treatment techniques with two needles at a time so that the pulse is moved from one needle to another.

People want clinical trials, but it’s difficult to do that, since a good control group cannot be obtained- according to many pain physicians. The treatment regimens vary according to the patient, and some insurance carriers may not cover acupuncture. The NCA recommends that prospective patients check with their insurers before beginning treatment.

Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

Acupuncture is a pain-relieving suggestion for the following:

  • Pain in Lower Back

  • Knee pain

  • Other conditions

  • Headache

Muscle and joint chronic pain can miserably lead to life. The pain can often go easier with standards such as ice and heat, anti-inflammatory treatments, physical therapy, and proper exercises. But if they don’t, acupuncture is an option worth considering with a good track record. If you are looking for credible pain physicians in Oklahoma, visit Longevity Institute for treatment with acupuncture.

**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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