Common Causes of Back Pain and What You Can Do About It

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Common Causes of Back Pain and What You Can Do About It

June 18, 2021


Common Causes of Back Pain and What You Can Do About It

Back pain can be debilitating and is a common complaint as we age. It’s a common problem and isn’t always caused by trauma as just aging can bring on many of these common problems. But what can cause this pain?

Back pain happens when there is a misalignment in the joints, discs, nerves or muscles in the back. When checking your back for the source of the pain, our medical professional is going to look for herniated or slipped discs. The discs in your back serve as a cushion between your joints. Over time and as a result of wear and tear, these discs can wear down or slip out of place. When they slip, herniate or bulge, the soft tissue that makes up your discs begins to put pressure on the complicated nervous system in your back. This, in turn, can lead to back pain, hip pain and excruciating pain running down your leg.

If your discs begin to deteriorate, they no longer provide the shock absorption needed between vertebrates. With time, this can allow bone to rub on bone, and the pain that results from this can be excruciating. Degenerative disc disease can happen as a result of wear and tear. However, in most cases, it is just a natural part of the aging process.

There are things we can do to fight this issue as we age though! Starting with common issues like slouching and sitting in seats that don’t properly support your back. However for more serious circumstances you don’t have to rely on painful surgeries anymore! Now with non-invasive options like epidural steroid injections we can treat back pain quickly and efficiently. These services and many more are offered here at the Offices of Dr. Darryl Robinson, MD, call now and see how we can relieve your back pain today!

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