Myths around Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Myths around Hormone Replacement Therapy

July 17, 2020


Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) myths prevent women and men from taking the benefits of BHRT‘s health advantages. The hormones are not made from horse estrogens; this is one of the ingredients that doctors fear causing serious health hazards. Instead, bioidentical hormones are derived from the molecular structure of naturally produced hormones produced by the body based on plant substances.

Body cells containing hormone receptors readily accept and use bioidentical hormones to alleviate menopause symptoms and the loss of testosterone in men.

What Is Bioidentical Hormone?

The word “bioidentic” refers to compounds that claim to be identical to hormones produced by the human body in chemical composition and molecular structure. They mark themselves as milder in the body because they are absorbed in the form of lozenges or creams by the skin or by the chin lining.

This Is Not So Natural

Women who opt for BHRT often choose HRT / MHT because they believe they are made only from plant extracts and not synthesized in a lab. These hormones are actually processed commercially, just like vitamin supplements.

It doesn’t mean it is safe just because a substance comes from something natural. Tobacco is a gorgeous leafy green plant.

Custom Compound Can Be Wrong

You can’t only go to any chemist to buy bioidentical hormone pills. You first see a doctor. They often perform a saliva test or order a blood test to check your level of hormones. You then take their bioidentical hormone prescription to a compound pharmacist, who prepares the hormones for you.

This personalized compounding gives women the impression that bioidentical hormones are more adaptable to their hormonal imbalances, but that is untrue. Speed tests are not, in fact, considered a reliable method for determining hormone concentrations. Also, blood testing is not necessarily trustworthy, as female hormones can change every day or even hour during perimenopause and menopause.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

BHRT Benefits Only Women

BHRT is not only for women who have perimenopausal or menopausal conditions. Men also have testosterone loss symptoms during their 40s and 50s, when they stop producing testosterone. BHRT can help men reduce low testosterone signs such as low sex drive, energy shortage, moodiness and muscle mass loss.

Weight Gain

You can’t gain weight by bioidentical hormone therapy. BHRT balances hormones instead to optimize metabolism, increase energy and regulate appetite hormones. If you have trouble with weight loss, even if you eat correctly and practice, BHRT can help you lose these additional pounds.

BHRT Does Not Work for Clinically Induced BHRT

Surgical ovary removal (oophorectomy) causes menopause symptoms irrespective of the age of the woman on removal. The same hormone imbalance and hormone defects found by women through natural menopause are indicated by hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, body pain, brain fog, and other menopausal signs. After an oophorectomy, bioidentical hormone therapy can certainly help women to recover their physical and cognitive health.

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**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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