5 Reasons To Visit Your Primary Care Physician Now

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5 Reasons To Visit Your Primary Care Physician Now

November 21, 2018

It was surveyed that the people living in states with primary care physicians have better overall health. In OKC, people visit primary care physicians often as the first point of contact when they have a health concern. It was also found that many fatal diseases can be diagnosed at the very initial stage, and credit for that goes to these primary care physicians who recommended specialists after a check-up. Premature death can be reduced in people who ignore their sickness and visit a primary care physician without deferring the problem.

5 Reasons To Visit Your Primary Care Physician

If you are still not convinced of the importance of seeing a primary care physician, here are five reasons why you should visit a primary care physician:

1. Continuation

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, a primary care physician is responsible for providing comprehensive care to patients. Routine check-ups create a bond between a doctor and his patients. It helps the doctor to get an idea of the patient’s overall health. As a result, he or she can diagnose the disease more accurately. The people in OKC have reported that their primary care physician collaborated with other healthcare professionals and that they keep track of the specialty care that they, as a patient, receives.

2. Managing Medicines

It can be noted that about 35% of Americans take at least one prescription medicine. Consumer Reports state that people who use prescription medicines take, on average, four medications prescribed by different doctors. This brings with it the chance of side effects. A primary care physician would keep track of the medicines and alter the dose to stop any problems from occurring.

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3. Time-Saving

During routine check-ups, the patient builds a bond with the doctor, and the doctor clearly gets an idea of the patient’s overall health. This saves time by them knowing the patient’s medical history. Whereas, if you were to go to a new doctor, you would have to take them through your history. Faster treatment can be expected when you continually see the same person.

4. Prevention

Because of the awareness they have about your health, the doctor will be able to diagnose any irregularity in your health. They will recommend tests for you, thus preventing many diseases that may harm you in the long run. In many cases, diabetes, heart disease and cancer are treated beforehand because of a primary care physician either in OKC or wherever you may live.

5. Mental Illness

By observing a patient’s behavioral health, a doctor can also diagnose if the patient is suffering from any mental disorders. As mental illness deteriorates due to late diagnosis and treatment, the chance of this happening becomes lower with an early diagnosis from a primary care physician.

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* * Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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