Why Stretching at Workplace Is Needed?

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Why Stretching at Workplace Is Needed?

September 13, 2019


Have you ever noticed muscle stiffness after sitting for an extended period? Are your energy levels dropping? Are you becoming less productive?

These all are the warning signs from the body telling that it is time to move around. Here are the reasons for taking a stretching break at the workplace:

  • It gives better flexibility and releases muscle tension.

  • It makes a person refreshed and productive.

  • It helps in improving posture and reducing back pain.

Sitting in the same position for eight hours or more not only tenses muscles but also contributes to severe health issues, including neck and shoulder pain, obesity, stress, low back pain, or carpal tunnel syndrome.

But stretching is incorporated into your workday; there would be fewer risks for soft tissue injury and joint pain, and you have to consult a back pain doctor in OKC.

Neck and Shoulder Stretching

Shoulder shrug releases tension symptoms from the shoulders and neck. Up your shoulders towards your ears until tensions are relaxed. Repeated twice or thrice.

Head glides and stretch test. Sit straight and glide your head straight back. Repeat five times, each for 20 seconds.

Follow shoulder roll relaxes. Inhale up your shoulders to the ears and roll backward five times. Repeat in different directions.

Hand and Forearm Stretching

Forearm stretching for wrist and arms. Place your elbows on the desk and keep your palms together; keep your wrists lower towards the desk, and your elbows will move outward with forearm stretching. Repeat thrice.

Wrist stretches loosen wrists and fingers. Bend your wrist and grasp it with the other hand and stretch down. Bend your wrist up and push your fingers back to the shoulders, Do it three times.

Back Stretching

Side stretch interlace lifts fingers overhead and elbows straight. Lean left and right to stretch sides.

With upper back stretch, hold your right arm with the left hand above the elbow and push the elbow to the left shoulder. Do it on the opposite side.

With stand-back stretch, bend your hips and joints in the lower back. Place hands on the small of the back and bend backward slowly. Keep in this position for three seconds and release. Repeat three to five times.

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**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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