Why Do I Feel Pain Every Time I Get Hurt Physically?

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Why Do I Feel Pain Every Time I Get Hurt Physically?

February 11, 2022

Imagine you have slammed your toe finger on the corner of a wardrobe. You know how intense pain you have to experience for a few seconds. Has this thought ever crossed your mind that why do you feel pain? We all experience pain often and it is a response to an injury that our body has damaged in some way. Pain itself acts as a signal to our brain that something is wrong in our body. If you suffer from pain in a certain area of your body for a longer period, then you have to contact a pain relief center.

You may know that the nervous system is a combination of the spinal cord and brain. The motor and sensory nerves form the peripheral nervous system. Remember that nerves send all the information to our brain and vice versa so that we can take action in response.

The Process of Pain

In general, pain starts at the place of injury. After getting injured, our body automatically stimulates pain receptors and they release the chemicals which carry the message of pain to the spinal cord. After that, the cord sends the message from its receptors to the cerebral cortex of the brain which processes the message.

How Can You Differentiate Chronic Pain From Acute Pain?

There are mainly two types of pain – chronic and acute. This type of pain affects your overall health quality of yours. If you experience pain right after getting injured, then it is called acute pain. After healing the injury, you may not experience further pain shortly. On the other hand, chronic pain persists for a longer period and occurs due to arthritis. People with chronic pain have to go through long-term treatment and therapy to reduce the pain. Keep in mind that chronic pain can last for more than a minimum of three months.


What Factors Can Affect Pain?

The level of pain can be different for every individual. What may be painful for you, can be a little comfortable for other people. The reason behind this is that messages that carry pain signals pass through the emotional sector of your brain. It is always not shaped by physical damage all time but also affected by emotional, social and psychological factors. The other factors that affect the severity of pain are coping strategies, painful experiences in the past, attitude toward pain genetics and long-term health problems.

Don’t Suffer in Silence

Suffering from pain for a longer period is not a good decision at all. It can worsen your health as time passes. If you experience chronic pain, then contact pain management doctors promptly in Oklahoma. You can also book an appointment in the Longevity Pain Management Institute in OKC to get relief from pain.

**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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