When is the Best Time to Go for Hormone Replacement Therapy?

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When is the Best Time to Go for Hormone Replacement Therapy?

December 11, 2019


You may often wonder that when is the best time to go for a hormone replacement therapy in OKC. Hormone replacement requirement in your body does not depend on your age or gender. It is kind of the changes that a human body face with age. Women need hormone replace therapy when their body ages and it also reflects on their outer skin. After menopause, it has been found that women go for replacement.

However, many women may not often understand when to go for hormone replacement or HRT. This article is here to help you understand the situation that indicates that HRT is a must for you know. Scroll down and decide whether it is the perfect time for you.

When to Start HRT- The Critical Window Therapy

Before beginning with the theory, you need to know that menopause arrives at different age for different women. Many factors can impact this process. One of such factors is hormonal changes. When a woman is near to her menopause, she suffers from various pre-menopause symptoms. Such symptoms are mood disturbance, late periods, increased anxiety and more.

This is the good time for hormone replacement. However, many young women do not go for hormone therapy thinking that it would not be beneficial. On the contrary, researchers say that it is good to start HRT earlier than later.

A growing body of evidence indicates that there is a critical window of opportunity for HRT to ensure longer health benefits. According to the experts, critical window theory shows a plethora of benefits of HRT among younger women than older ones. It helps not just in reduction of menopause symptoms but also multiple health condition that may increase with age. The replacement therapy at a younger age can give superior protection from osteoporosis, cognitive decline like Alzheimer’s or dementia, diabetes and many more.

Many major studies have shown that HRT can also reduce the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD). Therefore, starting earlier is always a good decision for the women. However, none of the therapies comes without any risk factor. Many experts also say that observance to HRT is relatively low if it a long-term affair. After suspension of HRT, the bone loss is likely to resume.

Consequences of Starting Hormone Therapy Later

If you go for HRT after 65 years of age you may not be able to enjoy every benefit of HRT. 65 is almost 20 years later of menopause. The symptoms of pre and post menopause disturbances can make the women habituated. Therefore, the overall health condition of these women also gets deteriorated.

It is suggested that to enjoy every advantage of this therapy, you go for it at an early stage and of course before menopause.

Thus, you can book your appointment with Longevity Institute for hormone replacement in OKC without delay.

**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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