What Principles to Be Followed in a Workplace?

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What Principles to Be Followed in a Workplace?

July 27, 2020


There is very little discussion of the technique in sitting and standing, where there is great emphasis on how much or how we should sit or stand at work. Many people use poor techniques, such as slump sitting, arch sitting, putting weight in joints, etc.

Until that happens, every position will stack up badly in the research — we have seen wrong sitting postures, and now we are seeing wrong standing positions. Poor sitting is often mentioned as “new smoking;” nowadays, standing also causes varicose veins, increased atherosclerosis, etc. A good beginning point is a stretch sitting to make a pain-free journey day.

Use a towel, flannel, or a cushion so you can reach underneath the shoulder blades, at the middle of the back.

  • Scoot the bottom of the chair.

  • Lean forward with the hips and tilt the ribcage forward like a mini crunch.

  • Push the downside on the armrests to get a gentle back stretch.

  • Now keep the stretch and lean back from the hips. Stick to your mid back and stretch on the towel.

  • Get out of the mini crunch position and relax.

  • Roll the shoulders and rest the hands close to the body.

The Baseline Posture

Even if your posture is good, your body still needs a number of positions. The most practical positions for most work (for example, computer jobs) are sitting and standing – every 20 to 30 minutes. The better if there are more baseline postures and movements that are practical for doing your job (i.e., walking when talking on the phone).

Rest, Exercise, Move Inside and Outside

Use your workday breaks and your working time to complete your basic positions. Do you need rest? Do you want to strengthen your muscle in the abdomen? Lots of tissues and muscles are there in your body, just like a different diet is good for you, and there is also a wide range of movement regimes for every muscle or muscle group.

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**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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