Three ‘Ts’ That Affect Out Lifestyle

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Three ‘Ts’ That Affect Out Lifestyle

June 26, 2020

There are seldom shortcuts to get healthy and stay healthy. Unfortunately, no pill for magic! You just need to be properly informed and then take the steps required.

Stress kills, we all know. When we think of stress, however, most people prefer to focus only on emotional tension. Yet do you know that your body is taking on all the physical and chemical pressures every day?

The truth is that our world is also becoming much more toxic while it is becoming more convenient and comfortable for most of us. And doesn’t mention the physical stress that all of that comfort and convenience puts on us each day. Pain and anxiety are common symptoms. You may opt for pain management to get rid of the pain, but for anxiety, let us explore the reasons.

  • T # 1 – Thoughts

Our bodies have been engineered to create fast, intense and survival stress responses. You may recognize that as our answer to battle or flight. Something that is not wired for our bodies is constant stress, also called chronic stress. This type of stress, which is not caused by an emergency, imposes very dangerous taxes on our nervous system. And this sort of stress is something most of us in our lives have felt, whether because of personal relationships, the hour of traffic, or a boss who seems to be happy to hit you.

You control your thoughts, even if it doesn’t feel like that sometimes. You can think about these types of stressors differently and react differently. But not only are we exerting undue stress on our nervous systems when we allow such negative thinking to consume us, but we also call for disease.

It has been proven that emotional stress hampers our immune reaction, rendering us even more vulnerable to illness and diseases. Emotional stress impacts our digestive health directly and raises the risk of IBS and other digestive problems. And particularly, back pain can even manifest as physical pain if we are emotionally down.

What to do, then? The best place to start lifestyle changes is to learn how to deal with emotional stress. Since traffic rush hour cannot be regulated, surely your boss won’t be able to torment you. But how you react to it can be controlled.

Concentrate on ways to improve the connection between your mind and body, such as meditation, yoga, and attention practices. Get more out of training and deep breathing practice.

Vaccines, botulinum toxin and insulin ampules concept theme with glass vials with clear liquid next to a syringe and a hypodermic needle isolated on white background

  • T # 2 Toxins

How many chemicals do you believe are approved in the United States? You may be shocked, but it’s over 75,000. Some of these affect the hormone. There are many more toxic. There is a reason you don’t want to have it on your skin.) And many of those 75,000 chemicals are carcinogenic, meaning carcinogenic. (That Round-up you spray on your yard to kill weeds?

Now, in our dangerous, industrialized world, you can’t totally protect yourself. Nevertheless, your access may be limited. And that starts by knowing where the toxins are most important and what you can do to remove certain threats.

Read the labels on cleaning and hygiene products along with food. In the food field, it will help you avoid most of these toxins, i.e., eating organic, whole foods, and not processed foods. In terms of hygiene and cleaning products, either you can make your own products (most of them easy and cheap) or buy them.

Get an air purifier or plants that are particularly well suited to air purification to remove toxins. Use free, clean water or buy it. Exercise more because sweat is an excellent way to eliminate toxins. Try brushing dry skin because you can’t easily sweat off the toxins if your dead skin cells clog your pores. And try a fast detox diet and invest in a range of select foods and herbs, including chlorella, that can be great for removing toxins.

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  • T # 3 – Trauma

Thinking about physical trauma, we also talk about vehicle crashes and accidents, injuries to sports, or other actual causes of pain. But what about the ease and convenience of this modern lifestyle?

How long do you waste looking at your telephone? Were you aware of the real problem, like forward head posture, which puts undue pressure on our spine? Are you always conscious that you’re just as strong as your spine’s health?

A quick chiropractic lesson can easily put pressure on your nervous system if your spine is out of harmony. The way the brain sends signals to the rest of the body is through the nervous system. You can have problems in any system, organ, tissue, and cell if this communication is disrupted. And it doesn’t help to lean hours and hours on your computer or to look at your phone.

Avoid every risk that can trigger pain and consult pain management doctors for treatment. Book your schedule with Oklahoma Pain Doc to get appropriate aid.

**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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