Signs and Symptoms of Sciatica You Have Not Known Yet

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Signs and Symptoms of Sciatica You Have Not Known Yet

April 2, 2021


The sciatic nerve starts from the spinal cord, which has a long extension throughout your hips and the buttocks. Similarly, it branches get down each leg. It is one of the body’s longest and most important nerves. It controls your legs. If the nerve is irritated by any means, your normal activities can be disrupted. The tingling and numbness is known as sciatica.

Because of sciatica, you will experience moderate to severe pain in the legs, buttocks, and back. On top of that, you will also feel weakness or numbness in the said areas. Recent research claims that nearly 40 percent of people will experience sciatica at some point of time. If you are experiencing the symptoms, contact pain management doctors.

Signs of sciatica

Are you experiencing pain flowing from the lower back to the buttock area? It could be sciatica. According to the pain management doctors of OKC, sciatica can occur at point of your age. In its simplest sense, sciatica is the consequence of sciatic nerve pain. It has the following symptoms-

  • Pain will get worse with movement.

  • You will experience weakness and numbness in the legs and feet. However, you may experience loss of feeling in severe cases.

  • You will experience the sensation of pins and needles that involve painful tingling in the toes.

  • You may experience an inability in your bowels and bladder. It is a symptom of cauda equina syndrome(CES).

Causes of sciatica

Sciatica can cause by several spine conditions. It affects the nerves that are running in your back. Sometimes, it can cause by an injury as well. It includes spinal or sciatic tumors or falling from any place.

Here are some of the common conditions of sciatica-

Spinal stenosis

Lumbar spinal stenosis or spinal stenosis is characterized by lower spinal canal narrowing. The same is putting pressure on the spinal cord and the roots of sciatic nerves.

Herniated disks

Cartilage separates the vertebrae. It is filled with a thick and clear material. When the first layer of the cartilage rips, then herniated discs occur. The same substance compresses the sciatic nerve, followed by numbness and lower limb pain. According to a recent study, most of the back pain are caused by a slipped disk. It can happen at any point of time.

Unwind yourself with proper treatment

At Oklahoma Pain Doc, pain management doctors are there to check up on your present spine condition. Based on that, they will give the required medicine. For more information, visit our website.

**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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