Sacroiliac Pain- What You Must Know?

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Sacroiliac Pain- What You Must Know?

April 19, 2021


Few causes of physical discomfort are worse than those related to the bones and muscles in the lower back. It is more particularly true for lower back pain originating in the sacroiliac joint. It can radiate upward from the upper thigh to the buttocks and down to your knees, causing a stabbing pain.

It may lead to aching or numbness in the pelvic muscles. You will find this fact hard to believe, but the SI joint is behind 15 to 30% of all cases of lower back pain that is acute or chronic. Talking to a back doctor to learn more about it is essential.

Sacroiliac syndrome: What can we do about it? Everything that you have to know can be found in this article.

Where is the Joint Located?

The essentials are listed below: It is found at the intersection of the sacrum is a triangle-shaped bone at the spine bottom. The sacrum is a flat bone with three corners on each side, located near the lower back of the hips. The ilium is the uppermost of your three hip bones. These joints are situated in your upper back.

The SI joints are made to provide shock absorption for your body and relieve pressure on the pelvis. These points are the points where your upper and lower body connect. Minimal movement was observed in the joints, according to the anatomic study. These ligaments and muscles add to the overall flexibility of the area, making it more mobile.

Do you suffer from SI Joint Pain?

Ankylosing spondylitis

When it hits the spinal vertebra and articulations, it is called ankylosing spondylitis. You are likely to experience ankylosing spondylitis if your SI joints, as well as other joints, lead to pain around the eyes and the whole body. An ache due to AS typically consists of intermittent pain, yet the symptoms can last a long time.


Although arthritis often has an age distribution, Osteoarthritis is more often related to aging. The onset of osteoarthritis of the SI joint, the spine, and other joints are associated with it.


Pregnancy is a commonly recognized cause of sacroiliac joint pain. This is required to widen the pelvis so that the baby can come through the birth canal. Stiffness in joints is minimized due to the mother’s lower weight, and the increased baby’s weight causes pain in her back. The pain often disappears with delivery, but for others, it may continue after the child is born due to joint instability.

Symptoms of psychological trauma

It can be caused by any physical injury, including pelvic pain. The effect of any automobile accident falls or some other sort of serious trauma may occur within a day or for a short period of time afterward.

Anterior lumbar decompression/fusion

Even after they have had a laminectomy or a lumbar fusion, the usual body functions of the patient may change. Ordinary steel often has a much greater bone strength than the hardware used in specialty orthopedic implants. To enable the fusion of the upper and lower coils, the kinetic energy is applied below the lower coil. At the end of the trail, the final obstacle is the SI joint. Tension will lead to extra wear and tear and increased instability of the joint, causing both and weakness.

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