Role of Integrative Medicine to Keep Your Health Perfect

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Role of Integrative Medicine to Keep Your Health Perfect

August 14, 2020


In winter, we use herbal immune help every day in order to fight cough, cold, and influenza. Oxidative stress from exposure to the sun, summer drinks, and meals in the restaurant will increase over the summer months. We add extra Antioxidant Supporting Formula that includes the strong antioxidant selenium, alpha lipoic acid, and N-acetyl cysteine, as well as milk thistle to combat the effects of oxidized stress. It helps protect the liver from potentially harmful cocktail effects throughout the summer. In the form of a buffered vitamin C (which is gentler in the stomach), additional antioxidant-rich vitamin C can also be applied to help avoid sunlight from occurring and improve collagen synthesis. However, integrative medicine can also help to keep your body healthy during summer.

Why Are Antioxidants Functioning?

The development of toxic free radicals is driven by both natural cellular and external stressors, such as UV rays, cigarette smoke, and atmospheric pollution. Free radicals are unstable molecules that cause ‘oxidative stress’ i.e. havoc with the body, destroying membranes, DNA, and enzymes. Several areas of the body are susceptible to free radical damage, but it is particularly vulnerable to immune systems. The hero of the hour who is going to defend you? Why, of course, these antioxidants? Those guys neutralize and remove free radicals from the bloodstream to ensure that the body functions best. However, in the majority of situations, these irritating free radicals surpass the concentration of antioxidants in your body that occur naturally. You then need a continuous supply of antioxidants from foreign factors, including food, to maintain a happy and balanced status quo.

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Are All Antioxidants Equally Produced?

Every single compound is a functional ‘antioxidant’ to oxidative stress. It includes household names such as vitamins and unknown features, including polyphenols – a total of around 8,000 varieties. Some antioxidants are experts in free radicals, while others only focus on certain parts of a cell. It can help to see antioxidants as a deeply-established police force. You need a senior officer, executive officer, executive inspector, sergeant, and constable. Although all team members play a part, the chief agent will fight only free radicals. And who are they?

Add Minerals Exteriors

Sweat is inevitable in summer, adding to mineral loss. Combining the increased summer suddenness with the daily use of infrared saunas puts us in danger of premature mineral loss, so you need to add Zinc and Magnesium additional to the routine to fill in losses. Furthermore, we are liberal in using sea salt for mineral recovery and hydration.

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