Remedies for Lower Back Pain To Follow

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Remedies for Lower Back Pain To Follow

January 15, 2021


Lower back pain may have a variety of reasons. It includes arthritis, nerve damage, wrong-way bending, or heavy weight lifting. Some of the lower back pain patients states, “We have applied the instant remedies for lower back pain, as suggested by our family primary care physicians. Prior to an appointment with a back pain specialist, these remedies helped us a lot to cope with the pain”.

Now, what are the remedies? We will debunk the remedies in the next paragraphs that will somehow give relaxation from the excruciating pain.

  • Take anti-inflammatory drugs

Experiencing tremendous pain is baffling. Instead, take an anti-inflammatory drug like ibuprofen or naproxen. It will help to alleviate the pain. Most of the pain has inflammation. These drugs will be effective in lowering inflammation. However, you should not take this drug for more than 10 days without consulting with a primary care physician.

  • Use ice and heat bag

Put some ice in a bag and apply it to the affected area. Do it 2-3 times. After a gap of 20 minutes, use a heating pad to do the same. Switch between these processes. Cooling helps to shut down the capillaries and reduces the blood flow. It eases the swelling. On the other hand, heat loosens the tight muscles to increase circulation. Thus, more oxygen is supplied to the rescue area.

  • Wear comfortable shoes

Females tend to wear heels, which causes them to arch their back more. The doctor recommends wearing flat sneakers or sandals during traveling will help them to stay pain-free at the later stage. They can also opt for a sports shoe that supports the movement according to their body structure.

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  • Perform stretch exercises

Gentle stretch exercises, including walking, and standing up on the desk, will help you to stabilize the spine, followed by preventing muscle imbalances. In addition, yoga can be effective for the treatment, as opined by a back pain specialist.

  • Boost your mood

Apart from doing exercise and taking pills, deviating your mind from pain can be effective. You can read books, watch cinemas, and play video games. Revitalizing yourself with a positive mindset will help you keep mentally strong, despite the odd situations.

  • How can Oklahoma Pain Doc help you?

At our clinic, you will get expert pain management doctors. They will understand your concern and will suggest possible remedies. Tolerating the pain is a complete no-brainer. Instead, book an appointment today and let the physicians allow you to check you.

**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship

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