How to Sleep with Sciatica Pain

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How to Sleep with Sciatica Pain

May 18, 2020


Your foot may have pulsating pain. In your calf, you may have a burning sensation. In the middle of the night, this sudden sciatic nerve pain stirs you or stops you from falling asleep first. Fortunately, some simple tricks can make you sleep with Sciatica more comfortably. From light to drug use, here are a few most common ways to increase your comfort in sleeping with sciatica. Contact the back doctors in OKC for help.

Tips for Sleeping With Sciatica Pain

  • Bed Warm bath before going to bed

  • Do light stretching

  • Use a pillow for the neck

  • Go for a sciatic massage

  • Try knee elevation

  • Use and sleep on supportive mattresses

  • Avoid the painful side

  • Use an ice pack on painful areas

What Is Sciatica?

The longest nerve in the human body is your sciatic nerve which runs down your backbone, muscles, legs, and feet. If your sciatic nerve is compressed or inflamed, you may have pain in your legs or lower back or tingling in your legs or feet. Typically, this pain is called sciatica. Sciatic nerve pain may be uncomfortable, weakly painful, intermittent, or chronic.

Get a Medium to Moderately Firm Surface

Take care of your sleeping surface before considering pillows. However, comfort is a question of personal choice, many people with sciatica sleep on a medium to solid mattress. Some people prefer to sleep on the floor of a yoga mat. A firm surface can support and encourage the alignment of the spinal cord.

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Keep Pillows behind the Back and Under the Knees

Place two pins behind your shoulders and dense pillows, and tuck a flat pillow under your knees and top calves to elevate your legs if your double-piece wedge coil is not in your budget or takes up too much space on your bed.

A pillow between the Knees

Place two pillows behind the shoulders and keep a flat pillow under your knees and top calves to elevate your legs.

A Large Pillow

The pillow can also help comfort you while you sleep on your side, with a large area under your head and against your chest. You can try a pillow with customizable thickness levels to be comfortable with the height and density.

Contact the back doctors in OKC. Say no to sciatica and other body pain.

**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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