How to Keep a Flexible Physique

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How to Keep a Flexible Physique

December 4, 2019


While sitting at a work desk for a long time, pushing our hip flexor sores our muscles for long periods of time. They could tighten up extremely and weaken our glutes in effect. The lazy bums are very popular, so it’s crucial that our hip flexors are lengthened and glutes reinforced. If hip problems occur in such a situation, you may need to go to a family medical clinic in OKC.

Sometimes, when you are behind the wheel, it is difficult to get good alignment. When we ride, our arms are forward, and our chest muscles are shortened and tight, so stretching your chest muscles is necessary. Stand by the window; make a “goal post” with one of your hands to make this chest opener. Place your palm on a door frame and slowly begin to go forward until you feel your chest stretching. (A 90-degree bending with the palm up and forward as you’re going to give someone a 5 high) Ensure the shoulders are flexible. Turn slightly away from the raised arm for another stretch. Go to the opposite and repeat. Know more about these stretching exercises by scrolling down.

Exercises That Are Good for Tight Hip Flexors

  • Runner’s lunge- Start with your raised hips on both knees. Step 1 foot forward about 2 feet to place your forehead knees. Push your hips carefully and feel the stretch in the opposite hip. Go on the two sides and repeat.

  • Arm Stretching- Our wrists and hands often are not extended. When we drive, our wrists are inflexible position, and we want to keep the motion range around the joint. Take some time to make circles in each direction with your wrists. Stretch your fingertips as wide as possible and click your thumb on each finger. Do it about three to five times a minute.

  • Chest Opener with Forward Fold- Start to stand slightly bent with your knees and feet under your hips. Put your hands on the low back for your support and slightly lean back on your elbows.  When you exhale, move your hips back and hinge around. This is a very good stretch of hamstring. Take your time to move slowly; repeat your breath for three to five minutes.

  • Rotation of the spinal cord- We have to shift constantly to activities that have meaning for daily life in order to keep our backbone flexible. As we drive, our spinal column is absolutely still, so quietness with slight twisting and breathing practice must be overcome. Start sitting crossed by your legs. Take your right hand and put it with your left hand to the ground on your left knee. Exhale slowly and twist to the left, keeping your back high as you move. Inhale to curl a little deeper.

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**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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