How to Fight off Neuropathy Pain?

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How to Fight off Neuropathy Pain?

March 5, 2021


With the dropped temperature the chronic pain like neuropathy increases. When the body is exposed to cold, the body extremities get less blood flow. With this reduced blood circulation, the hands and feet start feeling nerve pain.

When the temperature changes and starts going down it starts putting pressure on the nerves. It sends then signal to the brain. The perception of pain grows when the nerve signals act slowly because of the increased pressure. The cold weather also makes the soft tissues firmer and tightened – everything results in muscle spasm.

The cold weather is a challenge to the patients or people suffering from neuropathy. The body slows down the blood circulation to preserve the temperature. The less blood flow intensifies the symptoms of neuropathy and increases damage to the already affected peripheral nerves. This is a concern for the people who feel numbness and tingling in their feet and hands. The cold measuring ability is compromised as they already have experienced the warning signals from their body.

The Tips to Deal with Nerve Pain

  • Clothing

You must wear all the winter essentials. Include a good quality coat, gloves, hat, thick socks, scarves when you are outside to protect from cold. These items prevent the body heat to leave outside and the stop the cold temperature to get you. Keeping the body heated and all covered helps the blood flow and prevents muscle stiffness. You must layer the socks and also keep the hands covered.

  • No Coffee

You may feel good sipping a hot cup of coffee but it is making bad than doing good to your body. When it is so cold outside, avoidance of caffeine beverages is always recommended. High caffeine amount narrows the blood vessels temporarily and restrict blood flow to the body extremities.

  • Have an Indoor Break

You may love to play with snow outside taking a short break or walk around the city in the chilly weather. Stop doing this if you have make it a habit. Do not stay outside for prolonged period unless it is necessary.

  • Do Exercise

As a neuropathy treatment, you must do light exercises or as per instructed like low intensity cardio program for muscle warm up and good blood circulation. It keeps away the neuropathy induced by the cold temperature. You can incorporate gentle movements like yoga, walking, light weight training, elliptical. A gently heated swimming pool will keep the muscles warm and tension free.

Further tips

  • Quit smoking as it can slow down blood circulation.

  • Reduce your alcohol intake as excessive consumption can cause vitamin deficiency leading to damaged peripheral nerves.

  • Use comfort measures like massage, massage tool or flexible splints for supporting.

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**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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