How Foot Orthotics Can Help Prevent and Recover Injuries?

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How Foot Orthotics Can Help Prevent and Recover Injuries?

July 26, 2021

The noble pastime and recreation of Sports are fraught with injuries. If you are a sportsman, frequent injuries and various pains should be a part of your life. As high as 70% of sprinters will get one or another type of injury every year. And even if you’re not directly in sports, you are still well capable of attracting injuries that mostly sportspeople get, like various sprains.

If an injury does happen, there are plenty of sports medicines to take care of it. However, isn’t prevention better than cure? And sports orthotics come in very handy in this matter. Shoe inserts are also known as foot orthotics that are used for various reasons.


  • Correction of over pronation and over supination

  • Arch support

  • Improve the athletic performance

  • Treatment of lower limb injuries such as plantar fasciitis.

Every foot is different like every face. That is why orthotics for the foot has to match every individual foot and its biomechanics. This is why custom and semi-custom orthotics can be very expensive. A pair of custom orthotics can cost you anywhere in three figures. However, they may save you a lot in sports medicine because they can prevent injuries effectively.

These expenses are also a reason why semi-custom orthotics are getting more popular. They are not manufactured exactly to your foot specifications, but they will still have many specific choices of mold and landmark.

Studies show that the degree of is eversion between custom orthotics, semi orthotics and wearing shoes without orthotics are not statistically significant. However, there is no denial about the degree of comfort that comes with wearing orthotics in your shoes. Especially in the arch of your foot. This means custom foot orthotics are great for helping pronation issues in your feet.

A study by Hume et al publishing 2008 in sports medicine review found that wearing custom orthotics in your shoes can help a lot with plantar fasciitis, posterior tibial stress fractures and patellofemoral pain syndrome. They also established that various kinds of foot orthotics are quite effective at treatment and the prevention of lower limb injuries. However, it is still not established exactly how much they can help in this matter so it is better to keep standard sports medicines in play as well for now.

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