Can High Heels Give Back Pain?

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Can High Heels Give Back Pain?

July 22, 2019


Your feet have an impact on the way the whole body move, and your choice of footwear impacts the stability and posture of your feet. You’re looking for comfort, stability, and alignment support – but you also want to look good. And high heels look good; we all know! Find a medical clinic in OKC near you and book an appointment now if you wear high heels and are looking for medical treatment for back pain.

Negative Sides of High Heels

Weight is evenly distributed across the feet when wearing flat shoes. High heels distort your natural balance by putting your heels above your toes.

  • The extra pressure of the feet, balls and knees changes your biomechanics, which affects your stride length, walking speed, or gait

  • Tension in calf muscles

  • Your hips and spine moving out of alignment

  • The curve to your lower back decreases or slows down, which may cause muscle and back stress and pain over time.

Even the smallest foot change can throw off the whole alignment of your body. Wearing high heels, the lower half of your body lends you lean forward, and the upper half lean back to remain balanced. Although it is mild, the position of the spine is thrown away. The normal spinal curve acts as a cushion or spring, reducing the stress on the spinal cord. When the heels are heavy the shape of the spine is changed, and the dynamometer cannot be absorbed as you walk, so that the cartilage disks, joints, and ligaments on your back can be worn uniformly over time.

Women who do not give up their high heels, back problems are unbelievably common. This is why:

Postural changes: The S-curve of the spine has coated disks between the vertebras to protect them against stress. Just like when you bend or jump. The wear of heels more causes the lower back to arch, as the body’s weight is pushed forward. The upper body has to retain balance to make up for this. This places additional stress on the disks. The time spent in funky alignment with your body may lead to muscle spasms and back pain. Tight hamstring muscles attaching the back and lower back of the pelvis can also make you feel sorry for your back.

Anatomical changes: High heels can cause anatomical changes in your body every day or regularly over a long time. The calf muscles can be shortened, and the tendons tighten and thicker, as well as extra stress on your back and knees.

Constant sitting. Unhappy beautiful lady in office outfit and high heels touching her back because of pain

How To Alleviate Heel Pain?

  • Do not wear heels more than two inches. The higher the heel, the higher the pressure on the feet.

  • Do not wear heels for a long time during the day.

  • Do not wear high heels every day.

  • Stretch leg muscles before wearing heels.

  • Avoid pointed toes, which put more pressure on feet.

  • Keep leather insole; it will minimize slipping. It will reduce stress and pressure on the feet.

If you often wear high heels and have back pain, and are looking for relief, book a slot with a physiotherapist in our medical clinic in OKC for a full assessment and treatment plan.

**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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