Do Not Let Tech Neck Hamper Your Work Day

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Do Not Let Tech Neck Hamper Your Work Day

January 10, 2019

Looking down at your phone may cause a sensation to run down your spine. The same thing happens when you are sitting at your desk and working constantly. Sitting at a desk for long working hours, head tilted, and a bad posture are responsible for neck and back pain. When this pain is there in your body for a long time, you may suffer from a permanent muscle injury. This ailment is often referred to as tech neck or text neck and, when ignored, can be severe. The pain management doctors in OKC have a guideline for people who are bound to work sitting at the same place for long periods of time.

5 Steps to Prevent Neck Pain

1. The Screen Position

Keep the screen in a higher position; keeping it at eye level is best. If not, at least try to keep it as near as possible to it. This will help to prevent the head from tilting forward or bending the neck. Sometimes our arms get tired and strained due to the position. You can buy a holder to rest your arms on. You can also use your tabletop or any other prop to keep your arms in a comfortable position. If you are working on a laptop, try to keep using a second monitor.

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2. Take a Break

Take breaks, even if there is huge pressure to work. Do not sit at a desk for more than half an hour. After each half hour, take a break of two to three minutes, stand up, and move around. It will relax your muscles, remove stress from muscles and regulate better blood flow. You can also try a few stretches that can be done sitting at the desk or in your office. Ask your pain management doctors in OKC for such exercises.

3. Headrest

An ergonomic chair, with a headrest can help you to avoid incorrect posture, thus, avoid neck and back pain. Switch your chair with one that has a headrest and rest your head on the headrest when you are looking at the screen.

4. Exercise

Muscle imbalance is the primary reason for pain development in the body, especially when you have a history of sitting in an end-forwarded position for long periods. Therefore, you should complete a few exercises regularly to keep fit. It is also good for muscle strength. Especially concentrate on the neck, chest, and upper back muscles. When these muscles are in good shape, you will get support for your head and less strain on your cervical spine.

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5. Pain Is Alarming

You are doing yourself harm if you ignore the pain in your body. A momentary pain can be healed by ointment or spray, but when it is in a particular body part for a long time, it must be diagnosed by pain management doctors in OKC. They can assist with treatment, especially when you have achy shoulder blades, numbed arms, etc.

Come to our pain management doctors in OKC at Oklahoma Pain Doc. We have qualified health professionals to help with all your painful ailments.

* * Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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