Back Pain in the Time of Pregnancy

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Back Pain in the Time of Pregnancy

May 6, 2020


Lumbar radiculopathy is a concept that describes the signs of discomfort, numbness, and/or weakness that occur in the lower back and radiate through your buttock, thigh, and leg through your sciatic nerve, including your foot. Sciatica is rare in pregnancy and is not normally caused by rising fetuses or physical changes at that time. However, other underlying medical conditions can lead to symptoms. You need to call a back specialist in that case.

Read more about how sciatica in pregnancy, specific types, and tips for successful sciatica relief when embedded can be triggered by pregnancy.

Sciatica’s Symptoms

Sciatica is characterized by a shooting, searing pain, often involving the foot, going up to the buttock and through the thigh and leg. Nearly often, one hand at a time, the signs arise. You can feel loud and low in the affected leg.

Pregnancy sciatica can be caused by herniated discs. It is most likely due to the herniated disc in her lower back that affects spinal neural origins when a pregnant woman has sciatica. While herniated discs themselves may not develop because of pregnancy, research has shown that these conditions are higher amongst pregnant women over 30 years of age, a common age group for herniated discs problems.

A Common Form of Pregnancy-Back Pain

Post-pelvic pain (pelvical girdle pain) can cause symptoms similar to sciatica. Post-pelvic pain can mimic sciatica in pregnancy. Post-pregnancy pelvic pain is common and can affect up to 76% of pregnant women. In the posterior pelvic pain, slicing, painful, shooting, and/or burning pain in the posterior pelvic region can also be experienced. This may be seen in 5 to 8.5% of new mothers up to 2 years after childbirth.

  • The pain will extend through the buttock and radiate back and groin.

  • This pain, as compared to sciatic pain, is often difficult to identify reliably and can vary in the form or area(s) surrounding the child’s pregnancy as the pregnancy progresses.

The precise cause of posterior pelvic pain is not well known.

Pregnant woman makes notes in notebook. pregnancy, parenthood, preparation and expectation concept.

Pregnancy Tips

Many home therapies can help relieve sciatic symptoms during pregnancy. During pregnancy, generally, new medications, such as oral or topical drugs, must be addressed before use with a doctor to reduce the possibility of side effects on the growing fetus.

If sciatica is severe, ice therapy can lead to pain numbness and immediately alleviates symptoms. Ice therapy decreases pain signals and blood supply and helps to relieve inflammation.

Seek heat treatment for chronic or recurrent sciatica. Applying heat helps widen blood vessels, improve the flow of blood and nutrients, and decrease muscle soreness by assisting with the healing process.

Exercise several stretching and strengthening exercises are safe for pregnant women. Several exercises are safe for pregnancy exercise. Speak about starting your home-based fitness regimen for your pregnancy to your physical therapist or doctor.

Training encourages and facilitates an appropriate posture that is important to prevent undue stress on your lower back.

Walking short distances will improve function and flexibility in the lower back. For short walks, such structures may be supplied with compressive forces while walking on spinal disks. When you are new to doing any exercise, start 5 minutes and add 5 to 10 minutes per week. Hydration and over-reaction preventing complications are important. Further safe exercises, when performed under the guidance of a medical professional, include cycling, escalating, elliptical, swimming, aerospace, and yoga.

If the back pain is not reduced with these tips, book an appointment with Oklahoma Pain Doc. Our back specialists can provide the right treatment to you.

**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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