How To Use Tennis Ball For Lower Back Pain

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How To Use Tennis Ball For Lower Back Pain

September 23, 2020


Tennis Balls behave like foam rollers and can be useful for the relief of lower back pain. Tennis balls can stimulate the lower back to help relax soft tissues, alleviate tension, relieve stressed nerves, and increase flexibility.

This blog discusses the healed advantages of self-massage using tennis balls and suggests special and effective ways to alleviate lower back and /or leg pain using tennis balls. An alternative is that a lacrosse ball can be used similarly if you need more firm pressure.

Tennis ball massage will help the lower back to be healed

The roller effects of tennis balls can influence your lower back pain locally and globally. Usually, it makes the following improvements in your wrath happen when you rub your bottom with a tennis ball:

  • Decreases muscle and connective tissue stress

  • Enhances overall blood flow to the brain and increases blood flow

  • Promotes nutrient healing flow and food

  • Endorphins (the endogenous pain reliever of your body) are released to minimize the overall pain experience

The massaging effect often decreases the lower back’s nerve hyperactivity, decreasing the amount of pain signals sent to the brain. You can talk to the pain clinic doctors to know in details about treatments for pain such as the sacroiliac joint block.

2 ways to alleviate leg and lower back pain with tennis balls

Lighten down pain with tennis balls at home or in the workplace by following these tips –

Tennis Ball with white background

Place a spring lower back massage on two tennis balls

You are going to need a few tennis balls and duct tape for this DIY massage:

  • Place 2 balls of tennis side by side and use the requisite duct tape to secure balls of this type. When done, the tennis balls and the tape tray will look like a peanut.

  • Place tennis balls on the floor, then lie down in a supine position and hold the knees bent. The tennis balls ought to be parallel to the waist and concentrate on the lower back. Any tennis ball should be positioned to reach the muscle tissue (spine) of your back. It should be placed on both sides of your back.

  • Set it up until you feel relaxed and happy, and then lift both arms to the ceiling with your fingers pointing. Place your arms as straight as you can.

  • Slowly lower your arm back towards your head starting with either your right or left arm. If your arm stays straight, you can bend your neck backward as you lower your arm.

  • Hold this position for a couple of seconds and then gradually get it back to its original start.

As you move your arms forward, your secured balls will softly press and rub your sore fabrics. Repeat with the other arm the same action. Go 4 times for each arm to replicate this massage.

Push a tennis ball to alleviate pressure in the back

Place the ball under your back, buttock, and top of your thigh when you are sitting on the floor. You should concentrate and press on a tender spot, but not too hard. Make sure the ball does not roll over the spine directly. If there is a sharp or unexpected pain, stop immediately.

You can also use the ball when sitting on a chair with your body weight and gently push on the wretched area.

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**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship

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