Tip: Weight-loss Maintenance is No Longer Challenging

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Tip: Weight-loss Maintenance is No Longer Challenging

November 23, 2018

Everyone talks about weight loss, but there are very few who are concerned about maintaining weight. When you have lost so much weight, do you really want to regain it? Of course, you would not want to follow the restrictions you had when you were in the process of losing the lbs. This is not always feasible in the long run, because there are bound to be changes in your diet. There is no harm in having cheat meals occasionally, but you should have a proper schedule to maintain that perfect body weight because weight loss and maintenance are always long-term goals.

  • Weight loss clinics always suggest sticking to green plants. You can make healthy yet tasty dishes; follow online recipes for help. They are rich in fiber but have low calories. You should intake calories that are easy to burn and do not turn into body fat easily.

  • The weight loss clinic in OKC suggests having homemade food always. Therefore, you can control the oil, butter, or other fat portion in the food. You can mix veggies and make food according to your taste and budget, control your portions, ingredients, cooking method, and of course, menu. Having an occasional dinner with your friends is perfectly alright, but this should be done in moderation.

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  • Try sticking to a protein-rich diet rather than carbs. It will help maintain the right weight.

  • Drink a liquid diet like fresh fruit juice, soup, etc. But you should avoid carbonated drinks, alcohol, etc.

  • Follow your guts. Truly you should check your intestinal tract to lose weight and stick to it. It has been seen that obese and overweight people have unhealthy bacteria in a larger amount in their guts. To kill those and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, you should eat yogurt, kefir, fermented vegetables, etc.

  • When you are really depressed, living a life without chocolate, burgers, or other lip-smacking food that you love, eat them. But do not make it a habit. A cheat meal once a week is perfectly fine.

  • You can go to the weight loss clinic in OKC to monitor your weight. Here you will get help to know your body fat percentage, BMI, etc.


  • Exercise daily. The importance of it does not end after losing weight; rather, maintaining it holds the same importance.

  • Have a targeted calorie count for every day. Stick to it. You should not exceed your calorie count.

  • Follow good lifestyle habits. Drink plenty of water, stay away from alcohol and drugs, have adequate sleep, and have a positive outlook on life – all these can help you maintain your weight.

For further help, you should come to Oklahoma Pain Doc. Here in this weight loss clinic in OKC, we will help you to lose and maintain your body fat.

* * Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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