One Step More to Weight Loss with Intermittent Fasting

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One Step More to Weight Loss with Intermittent Fasting

November 22, 2019


Intermittent fasting has gained huge popularity these days. Not surprisingly, given the popularity, various types/methods of intermittent fasting were developed. All of them can be effective, but depending on the individual, which one fits best and is often recommended by weight loss clinics in OKC.

The 16/8 Method – 16 hours of Fasting Each Day

The 16/8 method involves fasting for 14-16 hours every day and limiting your “eating window” to 8-10 hours every day. You can fit into 2, 3 or more meals within the eating window. For instance, if you’re finishing your last meal at 8 pm and then you’re not eating until 12 noon the next day, you’re technically fasting between meals for 16 hours.

The 5:2 Diet – Two Days Fasting A Week

This 5:2 diet normally includes eating 5 days a week, and calorie intake is limited to 500-600 on 2 days a week. It is recommended that women eat 500 calories on the days of fasting and that men eat 600 calories.

Eat-Fast-Eat –Fasting for A Day a Week

Eat-Stop-Eat involves a speed of 24 hours, once / twice a week. This amounts to a speed of 24 hours. It involves fasting from ‘dinner to dinner’. During the fast, you can drink water, coffee or other water, coffee, and other non-caloric drinks, but no solid food. If you do this to lose weight, then eating normally during the eating periods is very important. Eat like you were not fasting. The problem with this method is that for many people, a full 24-hour speed can be quite difficult.

Alternative Day Fasting

Fasting every other day means fasting. Various versions of this are available. During fasting days, some of them allow about 500 calories.

Warrior Diet – Fasting at Day and Big Meal at Night

During the day, it suggests eating small quantities of fruits and vegetables and having a big meal at night, then having a big meal at night. Basically, in a 4-hour eating window, you “fast” the whole day and break it at night. The Warrior Diet included a form of intermittent fasting as one of the first popular “diets.”

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