Controlling Flu with Vaccines- How Does It Happen?

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Controlling Flu with Vaccines- How Does It Happen?

October 19, 2020


The influenza season is about to arrive. The season was rather milder after the harsh 2017-2018 flu season. This is because of the number of people who are vaccinated and because the influenza vaccine is improved. For you, here are some statistics:

  • About 47%, 7 % more than the previous year, received a flu vaccine last November.

  • The flu vaccine for 2018 to 2019 was nearly 7% higher than the previous year’s.

  • Statistics-48.8 million diseases, 959,000 hospitals, 79,400 deaths, etc., in 2017-18.

  • Stats-2018-2019-547,000 clinics, 42.9 million infections, 61,200 deaths

While there are undoubtedly several reasons that affect the severity of the influenza season, vaccine rates and the efficacy of just 7% reduced hospitalization by 23% and 32% death rate because of the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918, the worst flu season in history, there were 675,000 deaths in America due to flu. Research and figures suggest a lot of support for the flu vaccine.

Despite the science behind vaccinations and statistics that show life-saving vaccinations, the historical rate of flu vaccines is below 50%. So let me give you some reassurance if you are on the fence. Once you learn them, visit your family medical clinic in OKC.

If you are unable to induce influenza by the flu shot, it’s a virus that has been triggered. Do you feel fatigued because the immune system is mounting a response? Maybe after your flu shot, you caught a virus that makes you believe its grip? Because this time of year, there are one million viruses. Would you get your influenza immediately after your shot because you had time to function until you were subjected to your vaccine? Yup, completely. But the flu shot won’t give you the flu; we can promise that.

  • That doesn’t mean you’re invincible just because you’re safe. Safe individuals are still dying of the flu.

  • The flu shot also gives you safety, even if the strain is not ideal. People with flu and flu shot are less likely to become vulnerable to the virus and less dangerous.

  • Finally, you protect those who are not vaccinated, such as babies, with the vaccine that you get from your family medical clinic.

  • The more vaccinated individuals, the less grip the population spread. You will actually save another’s life if you obtain a vaccine.

Please speak with your doctor about the flu vaccine; if you are still confused, at least start by visiting Oklahoma Pain Doc in OKC. We can provide you with a quality vaccine and help you combat the influenza virus.

Thank you for reading, have a good day, and stay safe.

**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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