Understand Your Back Pain – Treat It Better

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Understand Your Back Pain – Treat It Better

April 22, 2019


Back pain is a common reason why people treat themselves and seek medical attention. During a lifetime, about three of four adults are affected by it. When we say “back pain,” we mean pain that occurs between the upper and lower back in the spine.

Sometimes in their lives, most people experience back pain. Various causes lead to back pain; some are self-inflicted due to bad habits. Different causes of back pain include injuries, muscle stress, and sports injuries. While the causes may be different, they usually have the same symptoms.

Medical Terms and Back Pain

You can hear terms like thoracic, lumbar, or sacrum when you see our back-pain specialist in OKC. The point is that back pain is a major spectrum that covers many areas of the spine. Back pain is a big deal because there are 17 vertebral bodies, lots of joints, and the sacrum along the upper back to the tailbone. A simple injury, for example, a lifting and twisting sprain/strain, can lead to immediate and severe pain.

When Do You Need Medical Attention?

• You can’t get upright.

• Pain with fever.

• Loss of bowel and or bladder function

• Leg pain and weakness gradually deteriorate.

• Pain is aggravating.

Symptoms Include

• Constant aching or stiffness from the bottom of your spine to your tailbone.

• Sharp, localized pain in your neck, upper or lower back — mainly when you lift heavy objects or take part in other stressful activities; pain in the top of your back can also indicate life-threatening conditions.

• Chronic middle or lower backache.

• Return pain that radiates from the bottom of the back to the buttocks, in particular, after sitting or standing for more extended periods.

• Inability to stay standing straight without pain or muscle spasms in the lower back.

Male doctor discussing reports with senior patient suffering from back pain in clinic

Call Our Back-pain Specialist in OKC when:

1. In your groin, arms, or legs, you feel numbness, tingling, or weakness; this can result from spinal cord damage. Seek medical assistance immediately.

2. The pain in the back stretching to the bottom of the leg; this may indicate sciatica.

3. When you cough or bend from the waist, the pain increases, which can be an indication of a herniated disk.

4. Pain comes with fever, or frequent urination with a burning sensation. You may be experiencing the symptoms of an infection.

5. You start to have bowel or bladder management problems along with the pain, seek immediate medical assistance.

Come to our back-pain specialists in OKC at Oklahoma Pain Doc so that you can treat your pain and what causes it may point to at the right time and have a great, pain-free life ahead.

**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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